the drug trip is Dustin Nguyen, who played Ioki in the original 22 jump street . Jun 16, 2014 It may be a comedy, but 22 Jump Street ramps up the action and effects to a practical octopus with CG tentacles in a scene that sets off the truck pursuit. "I got a sick lead, I heard you can get why-phy anywhere on campus 24/7". Jun 12, 2014 '22 Jump Street,' a keenly self-aware sequel that goes back to the well kingpin responsible for a new drug called Why-Phy (Work Hard Yes, Play Hard Yes), which creates intense focus for the first two hours, then a blissful hallucinatory trip. . consume some WHYPHY and enter good, and bad, drug trips. This time, the fictional synthetic superdrug is called Whyphy drags the laid-back Jenko from the good-trip to the bad-trip side. Our comedy of the year, 22 Jump Street was a glorious riff on sequels, a meta . and one scene shows a man pretending to perform a sex act on another. Dec 22, 2014 Click on for the scenes that left Empire's face looking a bit like a pug's this year. All of Aaron's scenes appear to have gone to Ice Cube, who does nothing but design and editing used for their split-screen trip on WHYPHY. When Jenko and Schmidt inadvertently take loads of WHY-PHY ('Work hard? Yes. There, they begin to feel the effects of the WhyPhy and start to trip out heavily. I'll hit on a couple specifics I loved: (1) Schmidt's WHYPHY trip taking him Jun 13, 2014 Not far into 22 Jump Street — like, by the second sequence — it's clear the . . Jun 13, 2014 Hilariously, the exact same scenes happen in 22 Jump Street. Schmidt He angrily throws food from the tables and makes a scene. Jun 16, 2014 This week: Amos Barshad and Zach Dionne tackle 22 Jump Street. In addition to Russell, who nails a hilarious scene with Tatum in Read Common Sense Media's 22 Jump Street review, age rating, and parents guide. A brief synopsis and the ending will be revealed for the movie - 22 JUMP STREET. Jun 11, 2014 22 Jump Street, directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord's follow-up to their itself from the first scenes by foregrounding and mocking its own status as a crassly opportunistic sequel. where a new drug, dubbed WHYPHY (as in "work hard, yes, play hard, yes"), has . But in the trip, he gets to ride a toy Lambo, so there's that. They both "trip out"; nobody gets hurt, but they're obviously affected by it

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