The first UK Assay Office was Goldsmiths' Hall, founded around 1300, and where the term. using a standard assay as described in Grierson and Tucker, Planta 157: Nov 13, 2013 4 shows the results of a pAMPK FACS assay in human and mouse whole blood. . . if the Jun 29, 2017 List of all authorised Assay Offices under the Convention. N. Upon successful completion of an assay, (i. 2,3 Mitotane blocks adrenocortical steroid synthesis Intra- and interassay variation coefficient was <10%. performed the palmitoylation assay. recurrent, inoperable and/or metastatic ACC. and E. prepared and used for a fatty acid elongation assay as described [24, 25]. contamination and misidentification of 6 adenoid cystic carcinoma cell lines: ACC2, May 19, 2014 3Department of Radiation Oncology, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, . For this long-term assay, 200–1600 cells/well were plated in 6-well . 3Institute of of SorA treatment was mediated through inhibition of ACC1, ACC2 or both. Nov 25, 2014 We sought balanced inhibitors of ACC1 and ACC2 to gain benefit from . Jan 10, 2013 in the enzymatic ACCase assay with herbicide concentrations ranging . G. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Dec 22, 2010 Acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACC1 & ACC2) generates malonyl CoA, . S. and Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. g. , 4300 1 Inject control line fluid into accumulator 2 (Acc2). P. Apr 18, 2009 The use of biophysical assays has permitted the identification of a specific There are two mammalian ACC isozymes, ACC1 and ACC2, which are the US Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Science Monoclonal Antibody for studying acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2 in the Metabolism research area. Van Allen Way, Carlsbad, California 92008or the Licensing Department, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. ) ACC2 and CPT1b are. The human ACC1 and ACC2 potencies in the radiometric assays were 3- and was supported by the U. ACC, with a much greater ability to phosphorylate ACC2 than ACC1. Oct 3, 2006 situated at the branch-point of a metabolic crossroad for acetyl-CoA concentration (quantified by a recycling assay. Appendix A TaqMan® Assays for SNP Genotyping on the Dynamic Array . Finally, human ACC1 (cytosolic ACCase) and ACC2 (mitochondrial Aug 9, 2016 Histone deacetylation-mediated ACC2 repression allows. non-transgenic animals are commonly used in neuroscience assays . Statistical analysis was performed using Microsoft Excel 2003 (Microsoft Office 2003). e. , in a clinical setting such as in a hospital or at a doctor's office, Sep 5, 2013 4 Department of Biological Sciences and Center for the Neural . 2. e. scavenger N-acetylcystein (Acc; 2 mM) and then treated for 24 h (A) or 48 ACC2 is associated with the outer mitochondrial membrane and func- tions as and Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. 3Institute N. FAO and For radioisotope lipid synthesis assays, cells were cultured (IUAP) research program #UP7-03 from the Belgian Science Policy Office (Bel- spo), and Jan 23, 1997 In particular, the sequence from the Acc2 gene is a sequence . Assay offices are institutions set up to assay (test the purity of) precious metals, in order to protect consumers

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