Dec 7, 2011 Use OnFocusChangeListener, so: TextView mTextView = new TextView(this); mTextView. setOnFocusChangeListener(new Aug 13, 2013 For edit text I managed to get links clickable on the following way. its very simple add this line to your code: tv. mytext); textview . Hope this help. Nov 8, 2009 Another way, borrows a bit from Linkify but allows you to customize your handling. You can create links not just to web pages, but also to locations on Jun 15, 2011 You have to use TransformFilter. public class . TextView textview = (TextView) findViewById(R. //If the edit text contains previous text with potential links Linkify. id. Custom Span Class: . Jan 27, 2011 Linkify is a class that lets you create links from a TextView or a Spannable. How do I say no to a stranger asking to borrow my bicycle for a minute? How can a Sep 14, 2010 If you are talking about making a link that goes directly to the app in the market on an Android device, yes, just append the Package Name to . Attached is the customised Link Movement Method

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