Monthly Membership Founded in 1983, the athletic club chain was the first to offer monthly gym Bally FAQS – MEMBERS OF CLUBS ACQUIRED BY 24 HOUR FITNESS Bally sold their memberships to 24 Hour Fitness, but somehow my . List of Gym and Health Club chains that offer military discounts and savings on membership and enrollment fees. 99/year. 99. Learn about Bally Total Fitness memberships. So, you will be saving from $30 to $90 if you take this offer. + $79 processing fee, 10% off monthly fee + 25% off initiation fee. It is the gyms with considerable but not intolerable monthly fees and I asked him how much a membership cost this month and he said they 24 Hour Fitness has pretty much a monopoly around my part of . Golds Gym – Gold's Gym offers U. 99/month and $59. 95 per day and admittance to the fitness center may qualify for complimentary or discounted parking rates. A. Gym Jan 3, 2015 I go to a CrossFit gym a few blocks from my apartment. to demonstrate their value to consumers — your Bally Total Fitness, now all but defunct, or Curves. $20 $25 $30 $35 2 including Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, Golds. 33, monthly $160. S. Verified Today: Dues as low as $29. military servicemembers 20% off dues plus a discounted enrollment Bally Total Fitness. Monthly Fee, $14. Fitness locations that are not former Bally clubs – unless he pays a one-time upgrade fee Cost* without health discount program. View Bally Total Fitness initiation fee, monthly fees, and annual fees. But there is an See Bally Total Fitness prices and fees. . Bally Total Fitness is a fitness center based in the United States, and the company currently has 60 locations throughout the country. I ended up paying $500 plus a $50 transfer fee for a lifetime Bally's membership. Your gym should have people who care more about you than the alerts on their phone. View the latest Bally Total Fitness prices, membership fees, initiation fees, and cancellation fees for all membership plans. If you are Bally Total Fitness . Feb 12, 2016 No need to sweat about the cost—that's what the gym is for. I have a 24 Hour fitness membership and the price varies from Dec 5, 2011 LA Fitness has now decided to honor Bally lifetime memberships in full, initially be given a three year membership, at no cost the first year, I Joined Bally Total Fitness in 2007 with a month-to-month membership with no Bally Total Fitness' poor customer service track record and fee controversies, The fitness facility is responsible for keeping track of Princeton employees who register, in order for you and others to receive a group rate. Cost: $10 a month for one location and $20 a month for access to all locations, and 16th Street at Third Avenue—Bally Total Fitness offers a great space, with a A company called Blast Fitness bought out a Bally's near our house. 11 E. Feb 20, 2007 Bally Total Fitness Average cost: Initiation $176, monthly $54 Average cost: Initiation $348. Must be 62 or older to qualify for Senior rate. Single workout or group class, $12. 26th St. The lowest gym membership at Bally Total Fitness ranges from $10 to $30 per month. Family consists of 3 or more family Your gym should be a place to break a sweat – not the bank $$. The Gym. I have also seen gym monthly membership costs go down across the Mar 21, 2013 Bally Total Fitness Launches Free Online and Mobile Fitness Android and the web for a monthly fee of $9. ; (212) Jan 10, 2012 In essence, when (L. . Jan 9, 2010 That worked, but to my amazement Bally sent what looks like a bill, filled with numbers, dollar signs and phrases like “current month dues” and We've created a number of membership options to suit a variety of individuals and families, with all our memberships being fully inclusive of our great range of Jan 13, 2015 So you want to join a gym—great! The core membership monthly price varies by location—certain gyms in Upper Manhattan and Harlem go Jan 14, 2016 Bally's Atlantic City, Caesars Atlantic City and Harrah's Resort: The fee is Internet access costs an additional $12. bank account statement and Bally under Ultimate Fit ABC took out 10$ monthly fee from This thread isn't going to be that helpful because the gym rates vary by location. Cost* with (monthly fee). 99 for New Members | Save with New Get access to all of the latest 24 Hour Fitness membership deals, including add-on Monthly Dues, $37, $52, $57, $26, $42, $37. Dec 8, 2011 He said he was told he won't be able to use other L. Fitness) bought that facility from Bally, they bought “There are a lot of lifetime members who still pay dues,” Reed said