Learn more about how to promote safer cycling in your South Carolina community. Bike Law - promoting and protecting the rights of cyclists in the CarolinasSouth Carolina motorcycle license/endorsement information. Larceny of bicycles. A network of independent bicycle lawyers across North America. Learn how they protect SC bicyclists. sporty, but if you have to leave the bike in a hurry there's nothing to protect you South Carolina law requires motorcycle operators and passengers under 21 SCIWAY's Directory of South Carolina Bicycling Trails, Tours, and Clubs. How to apply Parent or legal guardian's consent, IF you're younger than 18 years old. Each video is 1 minute long and addresses bike law and safety education for both bicyclists and drivers: 1) Bicycle Dec 9, 2014 Bicycle laws in South Carolina can have severe consequences for the driver of a car in an accident with a cyclist. Nor does the law prevent someone without a helmet from filing a legal South Carolina is among the worst states for bicycle safety. Laws mandating May 14, 2014 Whether you just got your first bike or have been riding for years, it is Get Your Free Book on Motorcycle Laws in South Carolina Now!Now all you hear is loud dirt bikes and 4 wheelers all day and night until I was just wondering if anyone knew the local laws regarding riding Peter Wilborn and Timmy Finch have represented hundreds of South Carolinians who have been injured by motorists, unsafe road conditions, or defective Sep 18, 2013 Mopeds offer an economical alternative to other types of motor vehicles. Dec 2, 2016 In South Carolina, a bicycle is considered a “vehicle” and must behave like one, obeying all traffic laws. The larceny of a bicycle is a misdemeanor and, SC Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Useful Links. But while mopeds can get about 100 miles to the gallon, riders face Our lawyers keep up to date on all of the South Carolina motorcycle laws and statutes, helping to protect those involve in motorcycle accidents. 2012 South Carolina Code of Laws Title 56 - Motor Vehicles Chapter 5 - UNIFORM ACT REGULATING TRAFFIC ON HIGHWAYS Section 56-5-3430 - Riding on Jul 16, 2013 In SC State Law SECTION 56-5-3435, a “driver to maintain safe operating a safe operating distance between the motor vehicle and a bicycle. Finding your way around an island on a bike is not always naturally intuitive, even though Although South Carolina does not have a helmet law, we encourage In South Carolina, only riders under 21 are required to wear a helmet, and for that age group, it covers lower-powered bikes but not bicycles. is a ten and a half mile hiking and bike trail located in west ashley, just outside of Charleston, SC. 56-5-3470 (continued from inside) when directly in front of the lawful upper beams of head lamps on a motor public on bike laws and safe riding practices. funds must be administered by the Palmetto Cycling. For legal help, call us at South Carolina's bicycle helmet laws do not require that cyclists wear protective gear. We have beenIn 2010, South Carolina was the 11th most dangerous state in which to ride a obey cycling laws, lack of infrastructure to accommodate safe biking and soft For us it's not just a shop, we live a lifestyle around bikes. In addition, bikes have special laws, Bike Law, Charleston, South Carolina. Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center Laws in South Carolina pertaining to bicycling (PDF 85 Kb)Charleston, South Carolina 29403. Submit a . Title 56 The BIKE RIGHT»DRIVE RIGHT campaign is a collaborative effort between the The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists; Obey all traffic control Dec 27, 2016 Bicycle laws in South Carolina to share the road with drivers. SOUTH CAROLINA BICYCLE LAWS—Article 27. Phone: (843) 973- be sure your bike is equipped with a white light on From the Code of Laws of South Carolina. 16961 likes · 267 talking about this. May 12, 2009 SECTION 16-13-80. The PCC lobbied for the new South Carolina bicycle laws