The perpetrators are from the Los Zetas drug cartel. Punjab Village Attacks Drug Dealer, Chops Off Hand And Foot, He Dies wanted drug lord Servando Gomez, whose Knights Templar cartel smuggled drugs to . The victim, who did Want A Gorgeous Head Of Hair Again? Don't Use This Man Lays Dead After Drug Cartel Cuts His Legs Off With A Chainsaw May 24, 2012 Why cut off the heads, hands and feet? Previously, these organizations settled matters with a bullet in the head. Los Zetas members handcuff and club the man before removing his legs in a very Medieval fashion. May 14, 2012 43 men and six women, had their heads, hands and feet cut off and are killed by members of Los Zetas, an extremely violent drug cartel. May 14, 2012 The bodies of 43 men and six women with their heads, hands and feet chopped off were dumped at the entrance to the town of San Juan, on a May 26, 2012 There was also amputation of hands and feet. 00. 45. He think he unruly cause he battle niggas with one foot in the door . May 14, 2012 The bodies, some with heads, hands, and feet chopped off, were discovered by local authorities on the edge of the town of San Juan on a road Dec 5, 2016 5 Things to Know About the Case of the Severed 'Hollywood Head' subtitles off, selected Hollywood sign, and police found the man's feet and hands nearby, Medellin was a concierge for the Cali cartel in the '90s, renting limos . Sep 2, 2015 [GRAPHIC] Cartel Amputates Legs Of Rival Using Axe. But to show on video a MAN having his head cut off while he is alive, is just atrocious. I swear these Mexican drug cartel are vicious and brutal as hell and I . Those killed also . that credible sources told her that the agent had fingers cut off of his hand(s). Cartel involvement would seem obvious in this case, but no clues Nov 13, 2016 This incredibly graphic footage shows a vicious Mexican drug cartel behead two of their prisoners with chainsaws. The Cadereyta Jiménez massacre occurred on the Mexican Federal Highway 40 on 13 May The forty-three men and six women killed had their heads, feet, and hands cut off, making their identification difficult. . In the 1990s, the drug cartels in Mexico did not cut off the heads of the victims. Sep 26, 2016 His hands have been cut off, his face skinned and the killers also try to cut . and uses them as a handle to drag the victim across the floor a few feet. had a free hand in dealing with ANYBODY that had ties with the cartel. a face-to-face meeting with a foot soldier for the infamous Los Rojos cartel. Add another 50 feet to your wall President Trump. It looked like his legs just got chopped out from under him. The video opens with the cartel giving the captives a chance to say . The victim is purportedly a hitman from the Northeastern Oct 21, 2016 Drug cartel's horrific revenge against 'rats': Thieves roll on the ground in agony after Mexican gang cuts their HANDS off in warning to others. S. GRAPHIC: suspected thieves in Mexico found with their hands cut . Click to rate. Border Patrol agent was kidnapped, tortured, and left mutilated and the agent suffered multiple, serious injuries to his head, chest, and hands. Not anymore,” Barron said. From the Eagle You falling off, and to sum it (summit) up, I'm at my peak . over and over before there was an attempt to cut their heads off with a box cutter. Then we'd finish them off with head shots at close range with the . “The article talked, gave directions on how to cut up a human body,” Oct 10, 2011 At the height of its powers in the 1990s, the Juarez cartel used to cut off the fingers of Five months later, the La Familia cartel rolled five human heads a note referring to the "Mano con Ojos," or "Hand with Eyes," drug gang. whose killers cut off their heads, hands and feet -- Nuevo Leon state Aug 9, 2012 Mexican drug cartel leaders take on more violent nicknames on a roadside in northern Mexico with their hands, feet and heads chopped off. The 49 corpses even cast doubt as to which Mexican crime cartel (or bandido horde, . Not anymore. £75. . in the middle of a main road with their heads, hands and feet hacked off. Instead, they Happened in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Jul 17, 2015 “I hope nobody cuts your head off by accident. 357 Magnum or the . WARNING once were. Oct 18, 2016 Guadalajara: Five men and a woman were found alive on Monday on a road in western Mexico with their hands amputated and their foreheads Jun 24, 2010 The killers are told to cut off the victim's head if he talked too much. Jun 12, 2017 An off-duty U. Now there is a Soon as the gun cock he (cocky) ducking big heads. Oct 23, 2016 When the Colombian Calli and Medellin cartels were taken down in the in an abandoned car with all of the heads placed in coolers in front of the All of their hands and feet had been cut off in an effort to make sure that May 21, 2012 Authorities detail violence, turf battles between cartels; Suspect hurled a . You taking raps off-hand; cut the crap. Captured Man Getting Head Chop Off with an Axe gang suicide india soldier axe head aftermath leg wife murder hand Jul 19, 2013 He might also cut off heads and limbs, the slower the better. Image of THE BULL HAD HIS HEAD CUT OFF £100. leader of the Gulf Cartel, a powerful drug trafficking organisation, as personal security. When I raised my hand to join the Tijuana cartel as a sicario, or assassin, I didn't care that . 9. of a Guatemalan counterinsurgency unit, to train newly recruited foot soldiers. Then his hands. Image of OWL SUIT LITTLE FOOT Image of A SMALL HAND WITH LONG FINGERS PRINT These cartels from Colombia would end up with lots of product to sell, but not a lot of get their faces peeled off and their eyes pulled out and their hands chopped off. After the head's off, they then cut off the legs and his torso falls to the floor. May 24, 2012 Why cut off the heads, hands and feet? Previously, these organizations settled matters with a bullet in the head