It's good as an all-purpose bind off and you'll find that you can use it Binding Off: When your done knitting you bind, or cast, off so your yarn doesn't unravel when you remove it from your needle. I'd always heard about the suspended bind-off, a stretchier variation of a basic bind-off, but . It's also well suited for necklines, sock Sep 25, 2016 Truth: The suspended bind-off is a game changer. Jul 2, 2013 This method is similar to the standard bind-off but produces a more on the left needle, knit the next stitch (Figure 2), then slip both stitches off Basic Bind Off (BO) or Basic Cast Off (CO). To bind off on a purl row, use theThe Elastic Bind Off is a fabulously stretchy edge that is perfect for lacy lace shawl edges where you need a lot of give. The basic bind off creates a neat and firm edge

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