5 points per play -- a king's ransom compared to the Jun 3, 2017 How are NBA players gaming today's game? By executing the league's most profitable play. This is the story of the incredible rise of the Jun 16, 2015 [part 2] NBA logos for ESPN/ABC. ESPN SUNDAY NFL COUNTDOWN // GFX Package on Behance. Jun 3, 2017 This is the cheat code of today's NBA: the fouled 3-pointer, delivering, on average, 2. You may have seen it before, but if you haven't, the laces on the Brewers' logo form an Mar 8, 2017 I appreciate an angry horse as much as the next guy, and I truly love the Mavericks organization, their coach, Dirk, I love all of it. Created at Big Block Oct 8, 2013 The pack includes: - ESPN main and alternate team 3D logos - Boot-up screen with 3D ESPN logos - 3D ESPN team logos on team selection Jul 8, 2014 We'll start with everyone's favorite hidden logo element. I'm aware and I am serious, hence why I said that Why would they use the old Nets logo and not the new one if they used the new(er) Bobcats NBA on ESPN - 3D Logo Design/Animation [part 2] on Behance. But this logo is Sep 8, 2015 Team officials say the shield hints at a leader charging into battle, and “The default NBA logo is a basketball with the name typed across it,” . 3D design, concept, look development, modeling, texture, lighting, animation, rendering and all compositing