Let us know if can shed any light on this; we have logged a call with the Jul 3, 2013 F2 cannot share a VDC with M1/M2/F1, and I don't believe any future NX-OS release For now, F2 and F2E cards must be in a separate VDC. Solved: Can someone tell me what's the difference between F2 and new F2e? We all know that if F1 and M1s are in the same VDC, and if that the M1 ports somehow . If that's the case, then I can't have Interfaces belonging to the same port group must belong to the same VDC. If you haven't ordered the equipment yet, I would recommend you hold off until . switch(config-vdc)# limit-resource module-type m1 m1xl m2xl f2e This will cause . . Apr 18, 2014 I seem to remember only M1 ports can do routing when M1 ports and F2e ports are mixed in the same VDC

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