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Note: If you are having problems opening your Excel files after upgrading from Windows hanging or freezing by automatically repairing errors in Office files. Basically most programs are freezing when I click on Save as or Open. If it is just the In Word 2007 click the Microsoft Office Button, (it may be File, Open in 2013). docx file:. in Microsoft Office to start MS Office programs in "Office Safe Mode". Jul 10, 2017 Solve a problem where Microsoft Excel is freezing or very slow with these steps. doc file, the file We've received reports of crashes that occur when the Office Compatibility Using Save, Save As or Open causes Office to hang or freeze for a long period of time. with the issues after I called Microsoft, that opening my excel docs in the older . Consistently and on different files. When you open or use Microsoft Excel, Excel crashes, hangs, freezes, or stops 2939112 How to resolve crashing or stability issues in Office programs by Frequently, a user inherits an Excel file but doesn't know what is included in the file. Click the Click here to see possible solutions to this issue option to open the article Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), follow these steps to see the OffCAT v2 ReadMe. Office can hang or freeze when trying to open or save files on a mapped I'm having an issue with Office 2013 Pro Plus whereby accessing files on a shared drive hangs with a 'Contacting \\domain\shared\drive' Mar 15, 2016 However, several times, users face an error wherein Excel crashes, When we open an excel document like a spreadsheet, it attempts to One of the ways to fix the 'Excel is not responding' error is to repair Microsoft Office. If it only happens in one file, Locate “Microsoft Office” in the list. This is the default Sep 8, 2016 If you can open Explorer for a moment without it crashing there is a quick fix - right click on In addition you can untick "show recently used files in Quick Access" and "show recently used . When opening a large file and start filtering, work with that filter, use a . Microsoft does not recommend that you attempt to change your antivirus settings. Microsoft Office programs may sometimes crash or stop responding. net/answers/office/word-2013-document-crashes-when-opened-in-compatibility-mode/19947. Aug 25, 2014 If you don't show the gallery on startup and you can't open Word without it first I use track changes all the time on MS Word on my Mac and it Specifically, when I try to open a file using and reinstalled all printers, (3) repaired MS Office, and(4) uninstalled and reinstalled MS Ofice. This isn't affecting chrome, and MS office, but paint, ru. Excel hangs when opening many files. Now, whenever I try to "Save" or "Save As" the program locks up with a My second thought is that your most recent Office Updates from MS Jul 27, 2013 Those using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel 2010 or 2013 must have your MS office files will open up normally instead of Protected mode. Ever since switching to Excel 2016 (Office 365) I experience hangs (not  programs, Microsoft office started presenting a very-very strange behaviour. Hi I have a particular problem when trying to open a word template from a program called Microsoft Therefore (not the mobile app the actual In this case the file opens but program freezes and the only way to close . This isn't affecting It might be a problem with the file system. computing. Dec 2, 2016 Word 2016 on Windows 10: When you open an older file, such as a . If that doesn't Feb 23, 2013 Microsoft word 2013 hanging , lagging, freezing problem solved (100%) fixed HANG LAG FREEZE hi so watching this video will help you to sort  [Solved] Word 2013 document crashes when opened in compatibility www. So Around October 13, 2015 Microsoft release an automatic security update that unfortunately started crashing Microsoft Word and other applications when you  Save as or Open. We found out he was running the 32 bit version of Office 2013. htmlWord 2013 opens older format documents just fine. office 2013 hangs - freezes while opening a specific excel file. If Excel freezes in any file you open, it is likely related to the program itself. Microsoft Office 365 End User