info/Thermochem/HessLawIntro1a. htmlGermain Henri Hess, in 1840, discovered a very useful principle which is named for him: The enthalpy of a given chemical reaction is constant, regardless of the He studied energy changes during chemical reactions, and postulated a method of predicting them – Hess's Law. Get information, facts, and pictures about Germain Henri Hess at Encyclopedia. Sep 9, 2015 Hess's Law Germain Henri Hess Hess's Law “In going from a particular set of reactants to a particular set of products, the change in enthalpy is  ChemTeam: Hess' Law - using three equations and their enthalpies www. In 1826 Hess established a medical practice at Irkutsk, where he carried out a Hess saw clearly the practical utility of his law in determining heats of Germain Henri Hess is noted today for two fundamental principles of thermochemistry: the law of constant summation of heat (known simply as Hess's law) and Germain Henri Hess: Chemist whose studies of heat in chemical reactions In 1840 Hess announced the law of constant heat summation, also known as Aug 7, 2011 Germain Henri Hess was born on August 7, 1802 in Geneva, Switzerland. After the expedition Hess set up a medical practice in Irkutsk where he Hess is most famous for the chemical law that bears his name: Hess's Law. com. chemteam. Germain Henri Hess was a Swiss-Russian chemist and doctor who formulated Hess's law, During that time, Chemistry department was responsible for Chemistry courses of Medicine and Pharmacy departments and Professor Gottfried W. This is now routinely used by chemists to See the Glog! All About Germain Henri Hess: berzelius, biography, chemist, en, geneva, germain, henri, hess, petersburg, reaction | Glogster EDU - Interactive