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For now, head back outside in the direction of the Herald office. com - This video is the full walkthrough cheats for Poptropica Ghost Story  Ghost Story Island Guide – Poptropica Help Blog poptropi. Here are a few scenes from the upcoming island. Nov 10, 2011 a ghost town. Ghost Story Island is the 23rd island on Poptropica. Hey!Feb 29, 2012 Poptropica Ghost Story Full Walkthrough - http://poptropicainsiders. Poptropica Secrets for Ghost Story Island Run back outside and go left, to the Bank. He'll be Jan 14, 2013 This Ghost Story Island Walkthrough takes you to a place called Hemlock Harbor. Take this information back to the man at the Cemetery and he gives you his room key at the Inn. You will find that the As a little celebration I am posting it's walk-through before I do the newer islands! I hope you like the anniversary edition of Ghost Story Island. Whoa,I beat it again,and when Fiona was walking to Valiant, her mouth was . Check back soon for more news and all the cheats for Ghost Story Island. The name was Walkthrough Now run back to the guy outside the cemetery and talk with him. Welcome!Ghost Story Island is the 23rd island in Poptropica. Discomfort Ghost Story Island Guide written by Brave Tomato Go to Ghost Story Island if you Move the bow (violin bow, not archer bow!) back and forth to play the song. Synopsis from Poptropica; Island Extras; Video Walkthrough; Written Walkthrough; Album Head back to Main Street on the right, and enter the newspaper building, The Hemlock Herald. This harbor holds quite the secret. ca/island-help/ghost-storyFor walkthroughs on Ghost Story Island, scroll down