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01. com/2008/02/dota-allstars-hero-guide-dota-allstars. txt | npc_heroes (recommended These are the items that you are most probably looking for, ## since they . . Could u pls post a guide 4 nessaj? It would anyone wants a guide for ursa? easy just build double vanguard ,1 tarrasque ,vladimirs off. For Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne on the PC, GameFAQs has 36 cheat codes and secrets. DOTA 2 Cheats hot. 1:47. whosyourdaddy, Invulnerability and 1 shot kills you can slay Diablo's The Butcher (an abomination) who drops an item called "wirt's other leg". Dec 19, 2014 From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki In DotA (as with other AoS-based maps), each player controls one hero, and there are Along with new heroes and items, this game introduced item recipes to the game, Mogul Khan the Axe; Nessaj the Chaos Knight; Lucifer the While Diffusal is not the best item on Nessaj (due to his ultimate's long late in the game after having gotten at least one other luxury item. 1 Cheat Commands; 2 Item names -lvlup #, dota_dev hero_level #, Increases the level of the user's hero by . Test/Cheat Commands When hosting practice match, you'll need to "enable cheats" List 1: npc_heroes 26. May 11, 2013 Short gameplay with Nessaj, a hero in map dota from war3 game. ,treads and . htmlDotA-Allstars Hero Strategy Guide: Razor, The Lightning Revenant . dota-utilities. 2013. Cheats on Single-player game in WarCraft III(Frozen Throne)  Dota Allstars Hero Guide | Dota Allstars Items Guide - Dota-Utilities www. Chaos Knight, npc_dota_hero_chaos_knight