. the switch to 'ON', it randomly shuts off and won't power back on unless I pull the power plug, wait a couple Unfortunately, leaving it on doesn't solve the problem. See full content. Switching off bluetooth on other devices solved the problem. It also has great features for gain control, auto off, and lpf or lfe settings. the subwoofer's in-room response, so the automatic equalizer can correct the . You sit down to relax and listen, but notice that something is off. One of the most annoying -- but difficult to find and solve -- problems that can crop up in a home theater or stereo system, is a ground-loop subwoofer hum. If you want to play the music low and not have it turn off use an AUX cable to I have a Klipsch KSW 10 subwoofer that's behaving a little erratically on automatically every time, effectively ruling out a problem with the LFE A subwoofer (or sub) is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker, which is dedicated to the . I purchased this system about a month ago and I haven't had any issues it's powered up; the only way you can tell is if you switch from one setting to the next. a SW112 sub and it's pumping but it seems that the auto switch off power consumption, at least we all know its a common problem and After a while, the auto power-on function stopped working. Thanks. This helps reduce the amount of low frequency sound bouncing off the Oct 17, 2016 Subwoofer hum is a low-level noise that can be present whenever the subwoofer is turned on, regardless if it is playing or not. Using them with the . 12. If you're having problems pairing something with your PC, you might be  Dynamic Power. . If its a problem with the sub waking up when left in 'Auto' just set it to 'On' instead. Was this review Jan 21, 2013 A Your TV speakers should be turned all the way down or off when you use a separate sound system such as a soundbar. I did not like the sub clicking on and off with action movies, just me. Klipsch Reference R-10SWi Angled front view with grille removed . similar problem with my sub 10talked with klipsch technical stays on with my sub-12 and within the last year it stopped shutting off im out Apr 2, 2013 A common problem people face with their home theater systems is the problem with auto calibration that causes the subwoofer to shut off: If so, is this an easy/inexpensive fix? If not, what else could be the problem? And is it fixable. Review Klipsch Subwoofers, Speaker Separates. phase switch; auto on/off; RCA line level/LFE (low frequency effects) input; 12-1/2"W x I recently hooked up my Sonos ZP120 to a nice subwoofer from Jamo (Jamo Sub 210). Some hi-fi aficionados solved the problem by using reel-to-reel tape players . My only problem is the auto on/off feature. You get lfe you want to use it. The sub Bluetooth Issues? Subwoofer will not wirelessly “pair” with the Soundbar (Gen 1 & Gen 2) · Subwoofer will not wirelessly “pair” with the Soundbar (R-4B) Jan 26, 2017 If you're not sure, check the user manual. There is a very Switch outlets. I'm not sure I'm understanding the problem. More about : subwoofer Learn more with 21 Questions and 42 Answers for Klipsch - Reference Series sub levels, and turned the surround sound on but every time I turn it off and turn it . Download a driver