Sep 2, 2009 How to link lapis on a game called Shaiya, a great game that I love to play :) Im . 5) Save it, and then go back to LPH's tool and simply Import our new Item. From my experience, the duo with hunters is the best. com/youtube?q=lapis+duo+5+shaiya+cheats&v=aRN-jfdIyAs Feb 28, 2016 Click the link to download: http://www. . google. See more info at Drag Down; Flash Attack – At least 1 – Very good in PvP, skip this if you use flash lapis. ariez. There is a rule . 4shared. Cheats and Exploits section because you can play around with your client si hay algun programilla para enlasar cualquier lapis en shaiya latino. . It is the biggest cheat in game, which increase your DEX over the top. this is my HM Im in gaia server if you need me and im  Shaiya cheat and hack, Long Range, GM Mode, Dupe, Bug and www. com/file/kcT1pB6mce https://drive. com/2011/06/shaiya-assassins-complete-guideJun 29, 2011 For each REC you get 5 HP and 1 physical defence. ask. com/open?id=0B0BvmQjsmyfQZFNMZnh2RDBiVGM  Shaiya Assassins Complete Guide | GuideScroll guidescroll