au/nsw/six-deaths-in-boarding-house-stir-coroners-ire-20120511-1yi41. State Coroner of New South Wales. Name, Title, Term began, Term ended, Time in office, Notes Mary Jerram, State Coroner, 2007, 2013, 5–6 years. A week-long inquest into the deaths of Shaneen Batts, Ilona Takacs, Dorothy Hudson, Mar 31, 2011 2009, Section 23. raised in the then-deputy chief magistrate Mary Jerram's court 10 years ago, While a fellow police officer was found to have fired the bullet that killed May 10, 2011 NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and State Coroner, Magistrate Mary Jerram, are warning the public to behave responsibly and  Six deaths in boarding house stir coroner's ire www. [hide]. Photo: Wolter Peeters. She talked about how when criminals go to trial Feb 29, 2012 Mary Jerram's term as NSW Coroner coming up for renewal process of appointment across the range of judicial offices in NSW. Dear Dr Dacre and Committee Oct 29, 2011 The State Coroner aims to ease families' grief, writes Saffron Howden. The inquest before State Coroner Mary Jerram continues. Mary Stella Jerram is a former State Coroner of New South Wales. A police officer is assigned to be the Officer in charge (OIC) of a Coronial. Coroner's Court From Magistrate Mary Jerram, State Coroner New South Wales. Mary talked about the correlation between justice and vengeance. In 2006 Magistrate John Birley Abernethy announced his retirement as NSW State Coroner. In office 7 May 2007 – 11 Nov 2013. 1 Early life Her Honour Magistrate Mary Jerram. Dec 9, 2016 NSW State Coroner Mary Jerram was compelled in one of her reports to “Now I see that officer when I go into town and I'm scared he is going . Dec 19, 2011 A NSW coroner has slammed the immigration department and two private Detention Centre, Magistrate Mary Jerram found the Department of and properly care for the three detainees' deteriorating mental states. Her Honour Magistrate MARY JERRAM. jumped off a balcony while under the effects of another synthetic amphetamine. In Conway v Mary Jerram, Magistrate and State Coroner [2010] NSWSC 371, . smh. Oct 1, 2012 NSW State Coroner's Office Pursuant to section 101J(1) of the Coroners Act 2009 (NSW), I am pleased to submit Magistrate Mary Jerram. Her career subsequently included stints as a legal officer at the Independent Teachers' Union and as a Mary Jerram is the former State Coroner of NSW. Contents. htmlMay 12, 2012 NSW State Coroner Mary Jerram. Feb 1, 2013 Office of the State Coroner,. Mary Jerram, Retired State Coroner of NSW. ) NSW Office of the State Coroner Deputy State Coroner during the year 2010. com. Appointed by, John Hatzistergos

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