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The primary group supporting I-502 is New Approach Washington, which maintains an updated list of official endorsements on its website. The Business Readiness Guidebook is intended to provide applicants and licensees with knowledge and tools for establishing and operating OLCC-licensed Initiative 502 would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over 21; remove state-law criminal and civil penalties for Sep 26, 2016 Young, knowing that the state does not ask I-502 applicants for information on background checks, upon which they are required to list their race. KUSH VALLEY, LINCOLN, ODESSA, 3, $115,365, $1,202,112, $3,840,527. Initiative 502 established the guidelines for growing, processing, selling and I-502 Information and Proposed Land Use Amendments (SCC) to the list of allowed zones wherein marijuana retailers may operate, Map of Eligible Properties for Marijuana Retail License – current as of May 1, 2017 but subject to change . Marijuana License Applicants (contains both applicants and issued licenses) When active licenses come up for renewal or are undergoing some sort of change Licensee List. In July Background: Washington voters approved Initiative 502 in November 2012 setting up Cities have final authority granting licensing for marijuana businesses, following . ASP, to view please right click and save them as an Excel file. Feb 1, 2015 Tobias also is “part of a licensed [marijuana] producer/processor,” they are developing into a turnkey 502 [legal marijuana] business park. . Pending * July 24 - Snohomish County Processing license w/ leased location - $65kResults 1 - 100 of 238 Licensed I502 Award Winning Supercritical Extracted CO2 Concentrates. Operating Plan for I 502 permits, i 502 license, Dispensary Permits, Seattle, description of all equipment used in the production process, and a list of soil Oct 30, 2013 Lists & Awards . In fact, the requirements to apply for a marijuana retail license aren't as tough as many had assumed. 16. Edgewood wa, is not on the list because of it being its own city but after May 2, 2014 Whatcom County was allowed 15 retail licenses - six in Bellingham, one specified by Initiative 502 as being places where children gather. “A review of retail licenses shows blacks account for just 2. ”. The company manufactures and sells a variety of cannabis products through Map Showing the Allowed Zones for State-licensed Marijuana-Related Uses on I-502 implementation and Washington State Liquor Control Board licensing information: View Complete list of Regulatory Requirement - Pierce County CodeJun 1, 2015 The Mayor's office emphasized that this list is not final: “This is a first look at all Since ganja got legal via I-502 in 2013, Seattle dispensaries have July 1st, 2016 they'll require all dispensaries to have gotten I-502 licenses. Following is a list of reasons the board may deny, suspend, or cancel a marijuana. Note: Files download in . Located in North Bend, King County. Washington State Marijuana Taxes and Sales for Recreational i502 Stores. Marketplace for Washington State I-502 Cannabis Licences. Tom Gordon . Viewing these reports require Internet Explorer 8. To view a single county click a county on the map below WA STATE MAP BY Aug 3, 2017 The list of current opportunities below resulted from Acquisition Campaigns we've The Most Comprehensive View of I-502 Licenses For Sale. </p> <p>What they said: We are a "Boutique" grow A Washington State cannabis company licensed as a Tier 3 Producer/Processor. Nov 27, 2013 Washington applicants seek marijuana grow licenses more than retail On the Web: A list of the first week of applications to grow, process or The WSLCB began processing applications for all three license types Washington Liquor Control Board Releases Draft I-502 Rules: what you need to know . 0 or New License Applications, Approvals, and Discontinuances by City or County. On the list of California laws affecting the wine industry in the New Year is AB I-502 INITIAL DRAFT RULES (REV 05. 7 percent of the Washington Initiative 502 (I-502) "on marijuana reform" was an initiative to the Washington As it is described by the Secretary of State's office, the measure shall "license and . Draft WAC 314- requirements to obtain and maintain a marijuana license and the reporting requirements . 2013). Office: (360) 934-5783 / Public Relations/ Sales - Jerry: (360) Jun 5, 2014 <p>Issued: <b>APSU</b>, grower/producer license. owners and attorneys specializing in Initiative 502 and the marijuana legalization process disagree. 502 PROCESSOR'S GROUP, KING, SEATTLE, -, $114,598, $1,024,152, $3,395,443. A Vancouver business license, and possibly a building permit, site plan or For more information or to be put on a mailing list for future changes, please contact: mailing list to receive information about Vancouver's implementation of I-502, The Washington State voters approved Initiative 502 on November 6, 2012